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A group of five Italians and a Mozambican go round the forests of Mozambique in search of five amateur actors. The objective is to take them to Italy, write a comedy on health information together, and finally organise a tour around the villages of North Mozambique.
Will they manage in spite of their cultural differences?
This is the story of Wiwanana, or how dialogue is the most powerful weapon in the fight for change.

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Three months before…

And what if we found a group of actors in north Mozambique? We could work with them and create a theatre performance with health information that they could act out in their villages? Theatre is good for you!


Life Stories

Tiziana Freti, counsellor for the project “Il teatro fa bene” (“Theatre so good”), pieced together the life stories of seven Mozambican actors taking part in the show that will be performed in Mozambique. Reading these stories is thought-provoking. They give us a glimpse into the life of a country about which so little is known, both in terms of the history and customs. Adelino, Ana Bela and the others tell us how their passion for theatre started and about their childhood. Enjoy reading about them!

Adelino Kedo

My life started with an escape. My mother’s escape.




My name is the name of a boat. A big boat moored in the Port of Palma.



Adelino Cuba

It is not easy to tell my story, perhaps because nobody ever asked me to tell it.




If you ask me to talk about my childhood I smile because the first person I think of is my grandmother…



I was born in Tanzania where mum and dad emigrated to work on a large machamba, a sisal plantation.



Ana Bela

Mesa, the village where I was born, was a very simple place, just a handful of houses far away from everything.




I was born in Maputo and raised in the “Barrio” district of the airport. The first 15 years of my world began and ended there.



Video Credits

Regia e montaggio: Iacopo Patierno
Direttore della fotografia: Paolo Negro
Fonico di presa diretta: Daniele Sosio
Riprese: Paolo Negro, Iacopo Patierno
Assistente alla regia: Filippo Ceredi
Mixaggio del suono: Daniele Cutrufo
Color grading: Lapo Bernini
Grafica: Diana Militano

Grafica: Jacopo Fo
Musica: Enrico Greppi, Ed. Musicali Mojto
Animazione: Fabio Folla

Theater so good

“Theatre is the desperate efforts made by man in an attempt to give some meaning to life,” said Eduardo De Filippo. And it is with the help of theater, with its extraordinary emotional power, that a unique collaborative project between Italy and Mozambique comes to life and develops: the stage is transformed into a tool for knowledge and hope … Discover the project

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Travel Diary

It seems easy to be supportive... #1

There is a huge difference between wanting to help people who struggle to get by in poor countries and really succeeding in doing so. by Jacopo Fo Continue reading

How do they laugh in Africa? #2

The first question we asked ourselves was: are there any theatregroups in the most remote villages and do their narrative canons have any contact points with ours? The second question was: how do they laugh in Africa? Continue reading

Simone, do you want to go to Mozambique? #3

It 'an ordinary day, in the heart of Umbria, at the Free University of Alcatraz. "Simone, do you want to go to Mozambique?" ... by Simone CANOVA Continue reading

I am going to Mozambique! But to do what? #4

The project is simple, Jacopo explains to me: to create a theatrical performance to be put on stage in the African country, with Mozambican actors. Simple?!? Continue reading

The meetings #5

At this point let me introduce the protagonists of this adventure to you. They are sitting around the table placed in the gym: Jacopo, Bruno, Iacopo, me. Iacopo with an i, that is not Jacopo, that one is Fo, Iacopo is Patierno. Continue reading

Where do I start? #6

I have discovered something interesting: in 2006, in Maputo, the capital, the actress Daniela Poggi , in collaboration with the Avenida Theater, shot the short film Non si paga social theater (Won’t Pay! Social Theater) inspired by a play by Dario Fo. Continue reading

Meeting with

In 2011, in collaboration with the Machaka Association of Maputo, a theatrical performance was produced and it went on stage both in Italy and in Mozambique. Continue reading

The first contacts with Mozambique #8

We are the theater company of Jacopo Fo. We are coming to Mozambique to tell you about a healthcare theater project. Are you interested? Can we set up an appointment? Continue reading

Agenda first mission in Mozambique #9

We are leaving in a few days! We are ready, mature and vaccinated. The agenda is full, including the program for the days and the appointments. Continue reading

First mission: arrival in Maputo #1

We are at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Maputo. The journey from Milan, via Frankfurt and Johannesburg, lasted more than 30 hours, flights and stopovers all together. Continue reading

But where am I? #2

I'm back in Africa, the moon in the sky is all crooked, with its belly upside- down, it is never like this in Italy. I go out to breathe a bit of Africa: palm trees everywhere and baobab. Continue reading

Meeting with Alvim Cossa #3

He is a big, impressive gentleman and he coordinates an important cultural association in Maputo: the Grupo de Teatro do Oprimido (GTO). He devotes himself mainly to street theater, which is educational and awareness raising. In the past he also collaborated with UNICEF. Continue reading

Teatro do Oprimido Show #4

On the outskirts the city turns into a village again, the way of life changes completely. Sheet metal shacks and vegetable gardens take the place of buildings and banks along a brook. Continue reading

Meeting with the Machaka Association #5

Direction: district of Mafalala – it is considered a "difficult" area of the city –where we meet Zito and his association of street artists, the Grupo Machaka. Continue reading

The Show by the Machaka Group #6

We go back in the district of Mafalala when night has already fallen, dozens of children, boys and girls, are outside the seat of the association. Zito is always elegant and wearing perfume ... Continue reading

Manuela Soeiro and the Avenida Theater #7

We are sitting in a semicircle in front of this elderly lady who tells us the stories of "her" theater and "her" actors. She is not just the director, she is Mama Avenida! Continue reading

Gonçalo Mabunda #8

The name, then and there, did not ring a bell, then we walked into his home, and yes, I knew that artist and I knew his works. Continue reading

Meeting with the Luarte Association #9

We have a busy day today. And the sun is beating down, which is a detail that should not be underestimated in Africa. Continue reading

Luarte Show #10

Laughter, shouting, clapping, stomp, crowds of boys and girls who come and go constantly. The theater in Mozambique is not at all still! Continue reading

Maputo - Pemba Journey #11

I feel like I was born in the car and weaned on the plane. Continue reading

Vitor Raposo #12

The face marked by time, skinny but always smiling, energetic, yes, that’s it, Vitor is an "energetic" person. Continue reading

Pemba – Palma Trip #13

The transfer Pemba – Palma, by car, two pickups, took eight hours! And eight hours in a car never end! Continue reading

Visit to the village of Quionga #14

The "chief administrative officer" of the village of Quionga welcomes us with a McDonald's shirt on. Does he know what he's wearing? Continue reading

Visit to the village of Quirindi #15

The visit was Johann Sebastian Bach style, a toccata and a fugue Continue reading

That wonderful beach! #16

"Let’s make a detour, two minutes and I will take you to see a wonderful beach!" Continue reading

Visit to the village of Pundanhar #17

A young Mozambican doctor asks us in the health center if we can take the monthly register of the diagnoses to Palma. Continue reading

The Mamãe Kit #18

There are many women with their children in front of the health center of the village of Pundanhar. I smile: it’s good news. Continue reading

Visit to the hospital in Palma #19

The preliminary visits in the villages are over, today we are visiting the hospital in Palma, or better said, as I find out at the entrance, the Health Center of Palma. Continue reading

Return to Italy #20

My head is like a full hard drive, I have to "download" the information gathered, the ideas, the considerations Continue reading

The project continues! #1

That hard drive in the brain is still full. In a certain sense I haven’t finished my mission yet, I can finally tell Jacopo about it. And the adventure starts again! 2 seconds and 33 fractions of a second later I am back in Africa... Continue reading

How many meetings are we going to have?!? #2

At this stage of the project we are discovering a new people, the Mozambican one, thousands of kilometers far away from us, and not only geographically. Continue reading

Agenda second mission in Mozambique #3

We must find the key comic elements of the Mozambican theater: what makes them laugh? Which are the comic scenes? And the stories? Continue reading

Second mission in Mozambique, arrival at Pemba #4

Yes, yes, we are in Pemba, in Mozambique again! Doing this and that a few weeks have passed and only now do I realize it… I am back in Africa !!! Continue reading

Felix Mambucho #5

”Felix is here” and I go up to him and hug him, just like that, saying nothing, just a hug. He laughs, we all laugh. Continue reading

Performance Vitor Raposo and the Tambo Tambulani Tambo company #6

Vitor welcomes us with a wide grin! We have returned to the Tambo Tambulani Tambo culture centre in Pemba, majestically run by Vitor Raposo, actor, author, director, scenographer and factotum! Continue reading

Pemba – Palma Trip #7

Tomorrow morning the real second mission in Mozambique of the project begins. We have to select between 6 and 8 actors to take to Italy... Continue reading

Performances at Palma, on with the casting! No, stop! #8

What will they propose? But most of all, will I understand the plot? Will I be able to see the undertones? And the actors… Continue reading

Grupo do funzionarios #9

The “Do funzionarios” theatre company is made up of public officials who meet on Saturday to act Continue reading

Performances (and casting) in the village of Pundanhar #10

Pizza for dinner! Maybe prepared in our honour. I want the one with bacon and lobster. You try finding a bacon and lobster pizza in Italy! Continue reading

Performances (and casting) in the village of Quionga #11

Yesterday Pundanhar, today Quionga, another two theatre performances programmed, another two companies to get to know, one from a school and the other from a community. Continue reading

Selecting the actors for the Italian stages #12

Agostinho, Anabela, Adelino junior, Safina, Adelino senior, Felix and Arlete, from Luarte. They are the magnificent seven! Continue reading

Are you ready to come to Italy? #13

You need a passport, apply for visas to enter Italy, handle a few thousand bureaucratic questions, take the plane. Continue reading

The return to Italy and end of the second mission #14

The return journey proclaims the end of the mission, this time we were here for 17 days, and Tiredness with a capital T falls on us. But we’re enthusiastic. And we begin taking stock… Continue reading

Preparing for the first training period at Alcatraz #1

“We’ve got passports and visas!”. That’s the best thing I’ve heard over these last few weeks. Continue reading

Arrival at the Libera Università di Alcatraz #2

The moment has finally come! I’m at Fiumicino Rome airport, and in a few minutes the “Theatre is good for you” company will appear behind the sliding doors... Continue reading

We begin! #3

7:30 a.m.: the prize for the first day goes to professor Agustinho Chipula, who goes jogging in the morning! Without his jacket and tie, though. Continue reading

Mario Pirovano #4

The protagonist of the day is certainly our great Mario Pirovano. Continue reading

Acting with Mario Pirovano #5

“La fame dello Zanni” is the starting point: not knowing the text the group must concentrate on movement, gestures. The concepts of the theatre piece must be communicated using the body. Continue reading

Arms going up on their own! #6

Morning with Jacopo Fo who proposes some Demential Yoga exercises to the Mozambicans Continue reading

A dive into the theatre #7

Today we worked for half a day only, then we had a relaxing afternoon at the swimming pool in Alcatraz, barbecued food and some music after dinner. Continue reading

Let’s tell a love story! #8

It’s already clear by how the Mozambicans approach him that they have become more determined. From now on, no more playing around! Continue reading

Being an actor is hard work #9

Rehearsals, rehearsals, and even more rehearsals. Continue reading

What days! #10

A little tiredness leads to mistakes being made. In the work we are doing, this means starting the scene or the song movements again. Continue reading

O falso médico! #11

We rehearse all day, morning and afternoon, we rehearse again, we discuss lines, dialogues, movements, and we start all over again. Continue reading

We all go shopping! #12

The request was simple: “Will you take us to a shopping centre?”. No problem at all! A round of phone calls, logistics organised, and off we go! Continue reading

The performance takes shape #13

Another small part of the play is given below Continue reading

We need an ultrasound! #14

There’s a love story, sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic… and in the end there’s even a “Coup de théâtre”... Continue reading

Rome has never been so beautiful! #15

After 15 days of lunches and dinners with 18 people, there’s nobody here now. Arlete, Felix, Ana Bela, Adelino, Safina, Adelino (junior) and Agostinho have all left Continue reading

Second training session: the first day... #1

The Mozambicans will be here tomorrow!!! Or, better, they will return... Second theatre training session, second part of the adventure. Continue reading

The return of the Mozambicans #2

Fiumicino Airport in Rome: the magnificent 7 Mozambican actors have returned to Italy for the second part of their theatre training session to prepare “The fake doctor” Continue reading

A tragic day #3

Today was made tragic by bad news from Mozambique: a close relative of one of the actors had passed away. We sat on the stairs, waiting to know if he wanted a plane ticket to return home, or anything else… Continue reading

Memory tests with Mario Pirovano #4

In the morning we sit around a table to read, read again and then recite the script of the performance from memory. Continue reading

Rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals… and that script in 3 languages… #5

We have to produce the final scripts in three languages, Italian, Portuguese and Swahili. Continue reading

First reading of the script in Swahili #6

The interpreter speaking in Swahili, we following the script in Portuguese, and Mario Pirovano making comments in Italian: Babel! Continue reading

Just for a change, we rehearse... #7

Morning: we read the script. Afternoon: we rehearse. Today’s diary could easily be closed here. Nothing else happened! ... Continue reading

That damned video! #8

“Switch off the lights, let’s see the video of the performance” (being a film of a morning rehearsal), says Jacopo. When the light goes back on again Adelino (senior) is tearing his hair out. Continue reading

In and around Perugia #9

Afternoon, a visit to Perugia and shopping Continue reading

The last rehearsals #10

Only tomorrow left, and then even this second stage of the theatre project will be finished. Today, the dress rehearsal! Continue reading

Action! #11

You can feel the energy in the air this morning. In about half an hour there will be a dress rehearsal, the first of two, it MUST go well. Continue reading

Changes to the show? Change the title?!? #1

The last few weeks have been a delirium! And we went back to Mozambique again! Only for a few days, a quick visit. Continue reading

Confusion in Fatima’s House #2

It was to be called “The Fake Doctor” but, according to the health authorities in Pemba, this title could have created some misunderstandings. Therefore it has become: “Confusion in Fatima’s House.” Continue reading

Preparation of the stage design #3

The preparation of the two sheets for the set and the 6 health sheets took 3 months of work! And we started with a blank sheet of paper. Jacopo drew the first sketch, then it was turned into a first digital draft proportionate to the actual size of the canvas. Continue reading

Ready to go (again)? #1

Plane, you don’t scare me!!! The day after tomorrow sees our return to Mozambique! Continue reading

Arrival at Pemba #2

How do you know that you’ve arrived in Africa? The sliding doors of the airport open, you exit and are struck by around 40-42-45 degrees Centigrade of heat... Continue reading

At Palma under the palm trees (wet!) #3

It’s extremely hot. And it’s raining. What I really mean is that you can’t understand if you’re wet because of sweat or the rain. Continue reading

First day of the tour: Mute #4

Today is the first day of the tour…the tour, this strange single word, understood the whole world over, is about to become reality Continue reading

Second day of the tour: Pundanhar #5

Today was a great success! The performance was wonderful. Lots of people in the audience enjoyed themselves, and you could feel, see, touch the energy. Continue reading

Third day of the tour: Quionga #6

There’s tension this morning. Quionga is a village where the majority of the population is Muslim. We worked hard to make sure that there was nothing in the performance that could in some way offend Continue reading

Fourth day of the tour: Palma #7

Today is a special day. Excluding Felix and Arlete, all the others: Ana Bela, Safina, the two Adelinos, Agostinho, are all from Palma. And today they will be acting in Palma, their home. Continue reading

Fifth day of the tour: Olumbe #8

I’m careful not to say it to my travelling companions, but until now everything has gone well, too well… And in fact at Olumbe... Continue reading

Thank you Mozambique, thank you so much! #9

Now I can say it: it was a miracle, it was crazy, who would ever have believed it?!? Continue reading




A land full of charm that extends along more than 2,400 kilometers on the southeastern coast of Africa. A changing society that preserves ancient and suggestive traditions. Let us discover the host country of the project “Theater so good” and know its inhabitants.


The Macua

A Macua proverb says: “Nòkhuma or Namuli, nnotthikela weiwo –From Namuli we come, to Namuli we return”. Let us know this ethnic group: it is presented by anthropologist Timi Gaspari.

The Mozambican Theatre

A journey in episodes on a column by a recognized author to discover the Mozambican theater through the words of Vitor Raposo, actor and writer, director of the Tambo Tambulani Tambo Center in Pemba.



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