BamGoo-1_SaraUrasiniAt the end of 2012, Sara Urasini, a Design and Art student at the University of Bolzano, won the International Bicycle Design Competition thanks to her extraordinary “Bamgoo Bike” project, which presented a normal bicycle with an added frame of bamboo trunks. In this manner the bike becomes a means for transporting goods and various objects. Up to 12 containers can be placed on the frame, positioned symmetrically to maintain bike stability.

The bamboo frame can be easily self-built practically in any part of the world, even using other types of wood (bamboo has the advantage of being light and very resistant).

Bamgoo, the multifunction structure for bicycles, can be removed and transported on the shoulders.

See the project online (here)
Other Bamgoo Bike photos (here)
(Source: “Ecotecnologie a basso costo per tutto il mondo”)

Bamgoo Sara Ursini