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Diana Militano – Web Designer

Visual Designer, born in January 1988, she graduated in Communication Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan with a thesis on digital divide.
She deals with web and mobile design, with particular interest in projects related to the world of sustainability, of digital divide and of the access to education.
She has participated in several volunteer projects in Rwanda and Mexico and she loves travelling and learning about cultures, she has a real passion for music from all over the world.
Erick Jara- Senior Web Developer & Web Project Manager
Web and IT specialist, football and boxing enthusiast, current chess champion of Milan.
He has worked for major Italian and multinational companies such as Gruppo Ligresti, Gaz de France (now ENGIE), Sky Italia and Streamit for more than ten years. Having gained experience, he decides to work autonomously in the management and coordination of projects, collaborating with companies such as Gruppo della Valle, Gruppo Leca, Atmosfera Italiana, Favaro, Cleis and Trasparenze.
He is currently the owner of a Web agency located in the center of Milan, where he continues to work in the art of programming, putting many small elements together in the best way possible in order to achieve a result which meets the specifications.