Eco-Technologies at low cost for the whole word

eliodomestico-1-ilteatrofabeneSince 2014 the Free University of Alcatraz has been engaged in the project: ” Eco-technologies at low cost for the whole world”, a constantly updated catalog / manual that collects all the eco-technologies useful for saving energy and water, for water purification, for more efficient kitchens and safer food and for the production of renewable energy: a book now available to institutions and organizations that deal with international cooperation with countries in the developing world.

In this section we will indicate some of these technologies.

Let us begin with Eliodomestico, an Italian invention.

eliodomestico-2It is a solar distiller / desalinator developed in 2005 by the Italian designer Gabriele Diamanti.
Saltwater is poured into a sort of black boiler exposed to the sun. The water heats up, evaporates and falls back, desalinated, into a container. The model shown in the picture is designed to produce up to 5 liters of fresh water in a day of exposure, without the need for filters, electricity or any maintenance.

Practically it works like a coffee -maker but the opposite way!

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