Jacopo Fo Ltd.  and the project “Theater so good”

Theater so good” is a project made by Jacopo Fo Ltd, promoted and supported by Eni Foundation in collaboration with Doctors with Africa CUAMM Non-Profit Organization.

What seemed to be only an idea is now becoming possible with “Theater so good”: having the full approval of all the protagonists of the initiative, there is no doubt about that , but still just an idea, a dream …that is coming true: to involve the theatrical movements and associations of the District of Palma, in Mozambique, in order to spread the good practices that are useful for improving the well-being of the local people, and to do it through the language of the theater.
About thirty people collaborate with Jacopo Fo Ltd. in this project people who, having different roles, cooperate in order to achieve the various points of the project, beginning with their active presence in Mozambique and ending with the phases of creation of the “story” and its successive spread. [link to the diary pages]


Jacopo Fo Ltd.: let us get to know it better

Since its foundation in 1992, it has been characterized by a particular attention to projects dedicated to social initiatives, to energy saving and efficiency, to tourism with low environmental impact, while, also thanks to the courses organized at the Cacao Association – The Free University of Alcatraz in Gubbio (PG), it provides training on a variety of topics (the Courses on well-being are among the most important ones, but also courses on marketing and launching of new products, communication management, company network management). Also it deals with the organization of business events, conferences and meetings, the organization and management of staff trainings and refresher courses.

It runs a publishing house under the same name.

It promotes and provides assistance to new start-ups that are innovative and / or dedicated to energy efficiency, and in this field it has designed and carried out courses that has formed 260 engineers and technicians in the photovoltaic sector. Starting from this initiative, a start-up has come to life, too, which manages and coordinates the construction of over 350 photovoltaic, wind, thermal and geothermal plants.

The focus on ecological issues has prompted the company to create the first edition of EcoFuturo, il festival delle Ecotecnologie e dell’Autocostruzione( EcoFuture, Eco-Technologies and Auto Construction Festival) in 2014, (7 days, dozens of exhibitors, workshops and conferences) held at the Cacao Association – The Free University of Alcatraz: this experience gave birth to the book Libro Bianco di Ecofuturo (White Book of Ecofuture) which was presented to the House of Representatives on 18 March 2015 and to the Senate on 16 June 2015.
Commitment has always been accompanied by concrete facts: ever since its founding , it has been working on the construction and / or the dissemination of: highly efficient homes, natural architecture, phyto-purification systems, plants producing electricity and heat with wood waste, heat produced by bacteria and a number of small but interesting solutions for energy saving and well-being, from filters for drinking water, to shovels and ergonomic work tools.

jacopo-corso-yoga-ilteatrofabeneSince 2010, it has been running a program of professional training and of promotion of new enterprises targeted at people in difficulty, the program provides both courses (areas: well-being, web services, crafts, applications for smart phones) and free consulting for social organizations and solidarity associations (communication, European funding, administrative and financial organization).

The management training courses promoted by Jacopo Fo Ltd. and managed and organized by the Free University of Alcatraz have received the HP International quality certification.

In collaboration with the companies of Atlantide Group and other firms, it has made a network of ethical sites that now reach a total of over 1,000,000 users. It has promoted a network of 500 ecological and cultural websites that mutually increase their visibility through an automatic and free system of banner exchange (www.stradaalternativa.it).
It has collaborated in the building of Scuola di Naturopatia Complementare di Alcatraz (the School of Complementary Naturopathy of Alcatraz).

Finally, another of its activities to be mentioned is offering accommodation for short breaks and holidays on the Alcatraz Farm, a park of 4.5 million square meters with an accommodation facility that has had a positive balance between produced energy and consumed energy for years, its organic restaurant is indicated in the Slow Food guide books.