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Paolo Negro – Filmmaker and DOP

He is from Milan, born in 1979, a graduate in Natural Sciences, during his studies he took part in research projects with the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (Mexico) and the Stockholms Universitet (Sweden), publishing several scientific articles.
Always passionate about photography and documentaries , after graduation he has the opportunity to work for DocLab in Rome, one of the most successful documentary producers in Italy. He participates in the making of many documentaries for History Channel, National Geographic, RAI, Artè, FRANCE 5 and the main European broadcasters. He writes and directs several segments for SuperQuark, thus fulfilling an old ambition. Returning to Milan in 2009, he produces the photography of several documentaries for RAI Cinema, National Geographic, Sky Art, RTSI, and of commercials, corporate and video clips. One of the most formative and anthropologically interesting experiences was the making of the film “Su Re” (Sacher Distribution), film shot with amateur actors in the mountains of Barbagia.
Travelling is the intrinsic aspect of this profession that he loves most!