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Simone Canova – Coordinator of Theatrical Workshops and Tools

Writer, journalist, scriptwriter, researcher, graphic designer, director and author of “Cacao, il quotidiano delle buone notizie” ( “Cacao, the newspaper of the good news”) webmaster of the sites of the circuit of Alcatraz / Jacopo Fo.
He has been dealing with the making and supervision of the entire circuit of the websites of Alcatraz, of Jacopo Fo and Dario Fo and of Franca Rame ever since 1998.
He knows a lot about eco-technology, renewable energy, reuse and recycling.
From 2004 to 2008 he lived an experience of international cooperation in Burkina Faso together with an association from Reggio Emilia for which he handled the communication of the project and the relations with the local people.