Technical Presentation of the Project

Name of the project: Il Teatro Fa BeneOr Teatro Faz BemTheatre So Good (Theater is good for you)

Country of implementation: Mozambique – Province of Cabo Delgado

Who it is implementing it: Jacopo Fo Ltd. with the financial, organizational and creative support of Eni Foundation.


Executive production: Jacopo Fo e Bruno Patierno.

Objectives: enhance maternity and infant health in the province of Cabo Delgado changing hygiene and nutrition behaviors through theater plays.


Description: the show was written and performed by amateur actors residing in the District of Palma (the Province Cabo Delgado), selected and trained by Jacopo Fo Ltd. It was performed in 5 different villages of the district reaching up 25.000 villagers.

“Theatre so good” (Theatre is good for you) is a new format, based on behavior change communication (BCC) through the dramatization of information on health and nutrition, as well as practical application of simple technology to everyday life. The goal is to enhance knowledge on good hygiene and food practices in a more effective way than traditional BCC. Enriching local traditional theatre with the skills and techniques of Italian “Commedia dell’Arte” we produced a highly effective dramatization of the main health and nutrition issues we wanted to address.

The initiative “Theatre so good” (Theatre is good for you) is a pilot project designed to develop a methodology and a process that can be applied and replicated in other parts of Mozambique as well as in other countries.

Local actors are trained through two 10-days workshops at the Free University of Alcatraz  (Gubbio) in Italy. During the first worhshop the plot in designed while, the second one allows us to rehearse and refine the actual show. Jacopo Fo Ltd’s thorough and long-standing theatre experience and expertise is made available for their preparation.

The messages on health and nutrition included in the shows are consistent with the guidelines adopted by the Ministry of Health of Mozambique and supported by Eni Foundation which is active in this field and in this country also through the collaboration with the Italian NGO Cuamm – Doctors with Africa.

12 video clips are published on this site and promoted on the most popular social networks, keeping you up to date with the ongoing project. A 60-minute video documentary will be produced at the end of the project as well as book documenting the experience and success of “Theatre So Good” (Theatre is good for you).


– First exploratory mission in Mozambique, route: Maputo, Cabo Delgado.
Objective: to get to know the country’s theater companies, visit the target villages, analyze the needs to which the project must meet and their causes through confrontation with local communities and health authorities

– Second mission to Mozambique, route: Cabo Delgado, Maputo
Objective: to select the main local actors for the project.

– First internship in Italy for the Mozambican actors
Objective: to design and write the plot of the play and enhance their performing skills.

– Second internship in Italy for the Mozambican actors
Objective: show’s rehearsal, further their acting training.

– Third mission to Mozambique, route: Cabo Delgado (Mute, Pundanhar, Quionga, Palma, Olumbe)
Objective: performing test through a flash-mob, preparation of the tour at the target villages, construction of five shows in five villages of the District of Palma, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique.

– Video-documentary and book presentation.


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