10,000 vegetable gardens in Africa

110,000 vegetable gardens in Africa is the extraordinary project created by Slow Food for Biodiversity Foundation NPO and Terra Madre of Carlo Petrini.
It provides funding and helps setting up vegetable gardens in schools and communities in rural villages. 1,700 is the number of those made so far, of which 22 in Mozambique.
From the project website: Creating 10,000 good, clean and fair food gardens in African schools and communities means not only raising awareness among young generations about the importance of food biodiversity and access to healthy, fresh food, but also training a network of leaders aware of the value of their land and their culture who can serve as protagonists for change and the continent’s future.
The Slow Food vegetable gardens in Africa favor local plants (vegetables, fruits, aromatic and healing herbs), use sustainable techniques, involve young people and they rely on the knowledge of the elderly. About a third of the gardens is educational and they provide canteens with fresh vegetables.
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