22 new mozambican doctors thanks to Cuamm

salute-laurea-medici-beira22 new doctors have graduated from the Catholic University of Mozambique (Ucm) in Beira, the second largest city of the country, thanks to the support of Medici con l’ Africa Cuamm that has been present in the Department of Health Sciences of the University since 2004.
It is estimated that there are 900 doctors for 22 million people in Mozambique, half of them concentrated in the capital.
The new graduates will be distributed to the hospital in Beira and the health centers of the outlying districts. 22 new doctors are a little drop of water, but the many little drops like this make the mighty ocean. For over 10 years Medici con l’ Africa Cuamm has been providing the Department with support for practical / clinical internship in a hospital for the fifth and sixth year-students . Damiano Pizzol , Cuamm coordinator of the research project with the Catholic University of Mozambique, says: “Here, in Beira, the solemnity of this ceremony takes on an exceptional dimension and it brings this fragile reality to the ‘normality’ of an ordinary University at least for one day.”